Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions clients ask

At CCL, we're here to make managing your legal affairs less daunting. Below are some common questions we get asked, however if you have more questions, please get in touch.

How much do you cost?

By law, all Solicitors, have to disclose their Fees up front. 

You will not be ambushed with payment of Fees that you have not agreed to. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns.


Do I need a Solicitor when buying/selling Property?

No, but, we can help to protect the biggest 'Investment in your Life' by breaking down the fine print in the Contract and saving you time.


I can't see my Children, what should I do?

First thing, whatever is thrown at you do not lose your temper.

You should contact a Solicitor to act as your spokesperson.

We are experienced in these matters so please contact us as soon as possible.


I've been charged by the Police and have a Court Appearance?

If unrepresented, you will be allowed to seek an adjournment for up to 4 weeks to obtain legal advice.

Contact us should you require Representation.


I've received a Statement of Claim as I owe money?

You have 28 days to something, we are that something, contact us to let us help you prepare in your defence an/or application to pay back the monies you owe.


Public Notary & International Justice of the Peace

A Public Notary is an International Justice of the Peace and a qualified Solicitor.

Liason & Representation in Police Matters

Dealing with the Police can be intimidating.  We at CCL can be your advocate in all matters from Traffic Offences, Drink Driving to Criminal Matters.

Remember the Police are doing their Job and there is nothing to be gained by being abusive or sarcastic towards them.

If you are asked to take part in a Police Interview, you can say No and remain silent whilst the Police complete their paperwork.

The Police have 4 hours to charge you and release you on bail in most cases. 

You are entitled to call your next kin and/or legal representation when detained at a Police Station. 

Contact us asap if you are asked to take part in a Police Interview.


Traffic Offences

Negligent Driving on your or maybe the fault of someone else can lead to you ending up in Court and facing possible heavy fines, loss of licence or a criminal record.

If you feel you have been harshly dealt with by the Police or The Roads & Maritime Services (ex RTA) please feel free to contact us at CCL.


Drink Driving Offences

If you've been charged with Drink Driving you are likely to face an automatic loss of Licence and/or a Criminal Record.

Please feel free to contact us at CCL.

Criminal Law

These are all Police Related Matters such as Assault, Breaching of AVO's etc., please feel free to contact us at CCL.



An Apprehend Violence Order is for the protection of a person who has a resonable fear for their safety,  which is issued by a Magistrate.

There are 2 types of AVO's which we at CCL will be able to assist you with: an AVO issued by the Police or a Private AVO. 

An AVO is not in itself a criminal offence but, carries employment and practical implications that you may be unaware of.

If you have any concerns regarding obtaining an AVO or you have had one issued against you please feel free to contact us at CCL.


Conveyancing & Property Settlement

Buying and Selling of Real Estate, known as Conveyancing, is going to happen at some stage in everyone's life.  We at CCL want to make it as stress free as possible.

Buying & Selling

When you Buy your new Home, you need to make sure that the Contract has been properly prepared by the Vendor's Solicitor and that there are no hidden surprises. 

When you List and Sell your Home a Contract needs to be prepared.

At CCL we will hold your hand to help you towards the Purchase and/or Sale of your Property.

Family Law

Breakdowns in the family can be hard on you and your children. We can help you handle the legal issues to reduce the stress and worries you are faced with.

Carlos Bielli is now an accredited Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator having completed the required training and accreditation with the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (AIFLAM).


Divorce & Separation

We can act as an intermediary between family members whether it is a Divorce or Separation.  We can help with the parenting and caring issues and try to settle these matters before the ordeal of going to court.


Children Matters

We can help negotiate mutual arrangements for time spent with your children, taking into account the best interests of the children which is the Courts paramount consideration.


Consent Orders

We draft appropriate consent orders where both parties agree on the outcome for both children and property.


Property Settlement

We help with the division of assets in a fair and equitable way.

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