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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions:

How much do you cost?

By law, all Solicitors, have to disclose their fees up front. 

You will not be ambushed with payment of Fees that you have not agreed to. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns.

Do I need a Solicitor when buying/selling Property?

No, but, we can help to protect the biggest Investment in your Life by breaking down the fine print in the Contract and saving you time.

I can't see my Children, what should I do?

First thing, whatever is thrown at you do not lose your temper.

You should contact a Solicitor to act as your spokesperson.

We are experienced in these matters so please contact us as soon as possible.

I've been charged by the Police and have a Court Appearance?

If unrepresented, you will be allowed to seek an adjournment for up to 4 weeks to obtain legal advice.

Contact us should you require Representation.

I've received a Statement of Claim as I owe money?

You have 28 days to something, we are that something, contact us to let us help you prepare in your defence an/or application to pay back the monies you owe.